Systematic Testing for Trustworthy AI

Struggling with untrustworthy AI models is a common challenge that will continue as AI becomes even more integrated into our daily lives. Watch this video to learn how rigorous unit testing for machine learning dramatically increases trust in your AI/ML systems, and how you can attain deeper insights into ML model performance in a fraction of the time.
We'll cover:
  • Building an end-to-end model quality management process
  • How to standardize the product test coverage and release process
  • Model robustness, fairness, and biases
  • A blueprint to build an infrastructure for rigorous model testing

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Meet the Speaker

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Mohamed Elgendy

Mohamed Elgendy is the CEO and Co-Founder of Kolena. With a diverse background in technology and AI, he has held significant roles at companies like Rakuten, Amazon, and Twilio.